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Post Script, 2020 Farewell Chris

Secret page!!!

You are here: Home > Cycling > Santiago home > Day 3 > Secret page

1) Well done for finding this page! You probably pressed the hidden link (the word 'bulge') in day 3....
or you found the other hidden link lurking underneath the 'contact me' link in the menu bar ....
or even the other hidden link, so secret I've forgotten where I put it....


The Holy Tyre of Antioch

Designated a Holy Relic by the future Pope Hannah IX in June 2002, this tyre bulged but never burst whilst being ridden to Santiago de Compostela by a lowly pilgrim, one Christopher Devereux in May/June 2002. In spite of dire warnings from Brother Timothy, a Northern Mystic, the cut and bulging tyre carried the pilgrim to Mantilla de las Mulas, where, in spite of a national holiday, a shop was miraculously found to be open with just one tyre that fitted the wheel of the Pilgrim Bicycle. The Holy Tyre was preserved and carried in triumph to Santiago, where future Pope Hannah declared it a Holy Relic.

2) I tried out Altavista's Babelfish translator, and this is what it makes of the homepage of the Ultreia Jakobsweg site.....

In the last years the Jakob way came again into the discussion. More and more humans can be fascinated and experienced by the old Pilgerwege the feeling to be with body and soul on the way. Pilgern can be never a thoughtless "Umherwandern". However each "Jakobspilger" will specify these thoughts for itself. - whereby it to remain calmly unexpressed may do!