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Site News

You are here: Home > Cycling > Santiago home > Site news


In a burst of nostalgia, I have been revisiting the site and replacing defunct links with working ones, so if you find one that doesn't work, please let me know!


Earlier this year, I put a copy of the site onto 'www.timdevereux.co.uk', and this is the one I'm maintaining now. In the last week or so, I've been putting 'breadcrumb' links just below the title of each page.
Chris's letters, published as articles in the Sutton Guardian, no longer seem to be archived there, so they're just text now.
I've also re-arranged the entries on this page so that the newest news is now at the top ;-)


more menu bars now done ;-)


Well, tonight, I've been putting the menu bar on pages other than the index & the intro. It is especially helpful on the Translate page, where otherwise, you can translate just the one page!!!!!! Have got as far as the first block of links in the nav bar.
It occurs to me that it would have been better to have this page working the other way, with new news at the top, but never mind!!!!


Quite a lot of fiddlling around!!
a) Put a 'top of page' link on most pages
b) redid the stylesheet to add 'content' div, to get the text to fall within a narrower block
c) Moved the altavista translation link onto on its own page, as though it is very wonderful, it takes a long time to load!! (I know I know, the site has been up for years, but I'm learning stuff!! & it looks nicer now.....)


Went through other half of the site, checking links - I corrected a couple of the webcam links. Found some pages without the stylesheet link in them - will fix another time!!


Went through half the site, checking links - I corrected some code on the first page that linked you to the wrong day!!
Also, somehow those pages linked to a stylesheet were unlinked - stylesheet no longer on the site!! Found it on my laptop, popped it back up, with a sans serif font instead ogf the serif one. Linked more pages to the stylsheet.


Have possibly fixed the Santiago Cathedral webcam link, & added an inside view also, but it's a bodge! see day 5


Did a few corrections (so picture links go to the right picture in pics); updated the Trice link, as ICE's website has changed. Checked links.


Corrected typos in Day3, popped in a link to the CSJ's Practical Pilgrim Days. Also tweaked Chris2


Found out that the links to Chris's articles no longer worked, so dug around on the thisislocallondon website till I found them again. Also got Chris's second article, so that all three are now on the site.

Put in links to Bob Jackson Cycles, Woodrup Cycles, and Trice.

Am pleased to report that the frequency of site updates (aka fiddling!!!) is declining!


Tidied up first page - put index etc into tables, put website, book & map info into "usefulstuff" file.


Added 2 hidden links on 18/5/03

Added link to Chris's first Sutton Guardian article; put the group photo into pics and day5 today


At last, added height profile. It is in quikread (small) and in pics(big)


Pics in quick read now link to big pics; the Altavista Babelfish translator was added, and a lnk to the Ultreia website. (Well it's only polite to link to sites that are nice enough to link to here!!)


Have now done most of the links I wanted to fix, mainly linking the small photos in the daily reports to the big ones in the pics file.

Also fixed a couple of the csj links - address I'd given had .html, but .htm was what was needed

Finally, (and distinctly, not at the first attempt...) the link to Chris's sponsor sheet now works - it was originally a pdf file, I copied it to jpg, and the link still wouldn't work, but I tried again tonight and hooray, it works.

Eventually, I want to put daily height profiles on, as they are quite dramatic!

If you want to get in touch, or link to this site, please email me.

Tim Devereux

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