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Post Script, 2020 Farewell Chris


You are here: Home > Cycling > Santiago home > Errors

First, an error of omission; I didn't mention anything about the stinging sweat getting in my eyes! This was quite a problem on days 2 & 3. I didn't realise the cause, until a tandem holiday in Provence in 2004. I was using an ordinary suncream on my face, not a sports one, and the effect was quite unpleasant - so get the right suncream to avoid tears!

Seondly, a small error of fact! I wrote in the Day 5 account...."first, just inside the main doors, you kiss St James on the head, well, his statue’s head, anyway, which is quite low, so you put your hands on a column as you bend down, and you find that you are resting your hands in hand shaped hollows, formed by the thousands of pilgrims who have done the same thing before you. I felt a solidarity down the centuries."

But it isn't St James's statue, as I discovered from www.pilgrimsall.org (Dead link alas)
"Firstly, the pilgrim places his hand on the Tree of Jesse, the masterpiece of Master Mateo, at the Portico de Gloria (Entrance of Glory). Next the pilgrim knocks his forehead on the statue of Santos dos Croques before proceeding to the rear of the altar by the right-hand stairs, to embrace the statue of St James and give thanks for their safe arrival and to commune with the saint."

and confirmed at www.vayaspain.com (Also dead link)

"La figura del llamado Santo dos Croques da la bienvenida a los peregrinos y se dice que tocar la cabeza de esta estatua da suerte y sabidurķa."

Approximate translation...

"The figure called Santo Croques welcomes the pilgrims and it is said that touching the head of this statue gives luck and wisdom."

This page explains it very well - https://caminoways.com/santo-dos-croques-the-saint-who-was-an-sculptor