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Post Script, 2020 Farewell Chris

Sahagun to Santiago in pictures

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First, the height profile for the trip, which helps to explain why days 2 & 3 were hard!! (My oldest son kindly pointed out that I'd left out the units!!They are height, metres, and distance, kilometres. OK? :-) )


Here are the photos, rather more from day 2 than any other day....

Day 1

Sahagun railway station back to day 1

Leon Cathedral back to day1

A witty sculpture of the great architect, Gaudi

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Day 2

back to day2

Amazing purple sky - the clouds were emptying themselves over the hills

back to day2



The wecome sign of the Camino - yellow shell on blue background

back to day2

I really like this photo - proper hill, proper hairpin. I was feeling quite comfortable, just climbing steadily

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Cyclists call the smallest chainring (the one I'm in here!!) the granny gear. It is great!! OK, you don't go very quickly, but cycling slowly is better than walking.

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To see Chris zooming up the climb, this photo has been hugely magnified!!! Back to day2

Cruce de Ferro, 1500 metres

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Chris at Cruce de Ferro back to day2

Day 3

My bike - the ungainly bundle on top of the carrier is my sleeping bag - there was too much stuff for it to fit inside the panniers in comfortably, so I probably took too much!

back to day3

Chris outside a nice church, Villafranca del Bierza, with the old tyre strapped to the panniers

back to day3

There really had been a puppy and a lorry! I wasn't hallucinating cos of the heat!!

back to day3

Not far from Pedrafita (1109 metres), and I'm feeling very very hot!

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Day 4

Shopping for lunch, & being vv careful not to slip (lurid but impractical roadie shoes, with nice metal spd grips - not good on tiles....)

Day 5

Not far now! back to day5

Chris had done his 1000 miles here (I'll eventually swap this for the one I took of him!)

back to day5

It was a real joy to reach the last step of the way.

Paul, me, Chris, Jane and Hannah in Obradoiro Square

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