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The Quick Read

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Summer 2002: Met my brother Chris in Sahagun, Spain. He’d cycled 750 miles from Le Puy, France

We went to Leon that day (73 km) day1

On to Riega de Ambros (90 km) via the long climb up to Cruce de Ferro day2

Then the toughest day – a flat bit (easy) then a decidedly unflat bit, climbing, climbing, and more climbing! But we got to O Cebreiro in the end (75 km) day3

Day 4 was damp, 87 km, but we stayed at a pilgrim refuge and had a wonderful evening - international meal. day4

And day 5, we arrived at the cathedral in Praza do Obradoiro Santiago (78 km) – our pilgrimage complete. day5

Chris raised £10000 for child cancer research. sponsor info

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(Height: metres; distance: kilometres)

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