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Cycling to Santiago de Compostela: Tim Devereux

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In the first week of June 2002, I cycled with my brother on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. He started from Le Puy, France, and after he’d been on the road for 750 miles, and two weeks, I met him at Sahagun, near Leon, Spain, to cycle the remaining 250 miles to Santiago. This is an account of my journey, and the preparations for it. I have gone into detail about some aspects, which may help anyone else travelling the route.


Before the journey: Introduction

What Why Learning some Spanish
Getting Fit Spiritual Preparation  

The Journey

Day 0; Friday, 31/05/02; Pudsey to Sahagun Cycling Day 1; Saturday 1/06/02; Sahagun to Leon (67 km)
Cycling Day 2; Sunday 2/06/02; Leon to Riego de Ambros (84 km) Cycling Day 3; Monday 3/06/02; Riego de Ambros to O Cebreiro (81 km)
Cycling Day 4; Tuesday 4/06/02; O Cebreiro to Ligonde (93 km) Cycling Day 5; Wednesday 5/06/02; Ligonde to Santiago de Compostela (80 km)
Day 6; Thursday 6/06/02; Santiago Day 7; Friday 7/06/02; Santiago to Leeds

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