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Tim & Teresa's Home page

Looking for the Tessimond poem? It's here


This website has grown over time, and covers some of my interests:

    Family photos
    Web sites
So it is fairly diverse - click & explore!

I started the site to record a bike trip I made with my brother in 2002. That got me interested in creating web pages, so I have (gently) pursued the Open University's stimulating and informative 'Certificate in Web Applications Development'. It consisted of six little courses, the last of which was from October to December, 2011

I am pleased to say that I passed, and have the certificate to prove it!

Obviously, I need to show something of my new found skills ;-)

So on the left is a tree menu - from Nornix JavaScript and I want to put on some other dynamic features too. Oh, there's the clock - though that's dynamic but dull....

There's some cunning dynamic geometry pages in the maths bit - here which enable you to work out some of the circle theorems. I am pleased to find they are quite popular, so have a go, you know you want to!!!

And also in the maths pages, there's the Perfect Numbers investigation, and the Factor finder, which both use JavaScript to find factors of whole numbers. The factor finder copes with 12 digit numbers happily, but creaks a bit if you try 16 digits - still gets there though!!

You could have a look at the 2008 pics page which uses JonDesign's (Smooth Gallery, uses Java Script (thank you TT281), acts dynamically, & looks good too! There's this year'spics page which uses the same gallery, but cunningly generates the html using a little php script - (thank you TT381), saving me a great deal of tedious typing!

Since learning more about php in TT381 (Spring 2011), there are more picture galleries to enjoy - here & here

As I said, it's fairly diverse - feel free to dive in!!

Tim D

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