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Here are the various questions and answers; quite a few files are .pdfs, while the art round questions are a zipped powerpoint file. Have fun!!

1. Indian Mathematicians round

Questions here (pdf)
Answers here (pdf)

2. Populations round

Questions here (pdf)
Answers here (pdf)

3. Maths & art round

Questions here (.zip file containing .ppt)
(You may want to wander off make a pot of tea, while it downloads 735 Kb)
Answers here (pdf)

4. Mr Men round

All you need from.....here

5. 2553 round

Once upon a time, in the last millenium, there was a nice mathematical activity that could be played as the New Year approached: using the digits from the year, in order, and legitimate mathematical operations to form the integers from 1 to whatever.

But then along came 2000, and the activity was not nearly so much fun!! So time for a little multiculturalism; you could go for Jewish (currently 5769) or Chinese (currently 4706) but as the Buddhist new year 2553 begins on Jan 26, 2009, we just have time to have a go at .....


See if you can make the integers from 1 to 20.

(I usually use quite a few square roots, and sometimes factorials are helpful as well!)

Scoring: 1 point for each correct answer.

Answers here (if not now, then soon!!)

6. Geometry round

Download the trihexaflexagon template from here


Well I hope you enjoyed all that!!

Happy Christmas!!

Tim Devereux