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So far there are six different maths topics here....

In reverse time order....

6) February 2009: Factor finder page: I've wanted to get a decent factor finder running, using JavaScript. for a while. At last it's working how I wanted it too! It's here

5) December 2008: I have put the questions & answers from the YBMA quiz onto this page...

4) October 2008: Because I was giving the Retiring President talk at the Yorkshire Branch of the Mathematical Association (more YBMA info here ), I looked again at a couple of investigations; first, 'Moves', a nice, accessible activity.

3) Another investigation I really like is 'Perfect Numbers' - my first as a student teacher in 1986, using a very inefficient factor finding program on a BBC Micro. The first page is quite nifty at perfect number checking, using JavaScript. The second is a solution, presently OK mathematically, but the layout is very very rough!

2) October 2007: Dynamic Geometry & Circle Theorems
I wrote these pages after noticing that one of the options in Geogebra (a free dynamic geometry package) is 'export the Dynamic Worksheet as a web page' You can use them to work out what the circle theorems are, or the last page has eight theorems and diagrams as a reference. What I like is that because Geogebra is a dynamic geometry package, you can move points around and see what happens, changing angles, altering the size of the circles, etc.
I've updated the pages this year [2013]. The link is here

1) March 2007: First of all, MASC - Mildly Amusing Statistical Card game.
It's a pleasant way to practice working out range, mode, median & mean. I suppose it isn't particularly valid to add up all these, but it is way of generating points, and of course, points mean prizes!! There are a couple of pages here. The first gives the rules, the second has an example game.

Tim Devereux

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