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Dynamic Geometry & Circle Theorems

These pages have a page with a dynamic geometry window for each of the eight theorems. You can use them to work out what the theorems are.

I've also done proofs for five of the theorems, and activities (which involve paper, pencil &/or scissors) for two of them.

There is a summary of all the theorems here and if you want a hard-copy version, you can download a .pdf file here
But try out the dynamic geometry pages first - you can move points around and see what happens!

Geogebra is a free dynamic geometry package, which readily lends itself to this sort of activity.

Now, having got by with seven theorems and no proofs since 2007, I've looked at part of the AQA specification and noticed they have eight theorems and five proofs, so I've updated the site accordingly.

The Activities

The dynamic geometry pages

The proofs

On each proof page is a link to a downloadable pdf version.

Tim Devereux

[Geogebra pages updated 2/02/15 ]