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Yorkshire Remembrance Ride

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Pictures from 2nd July - lovely evening by canal,
3rd July - with Luke on the tandem in Leeds
5th July - cyclists on the towpath, just before a shower

Shadow + canal Luke, me & tandem cyclists on the towpath

Wednesday 8th; Day 69; Two rides - an out & back along the canal in the morning, and then to choir & back in the evening. Pic of canal (just for a change.....)
Today's miles: 25.20; Growing total: 757.13

Morning route: 341469874 Evening route: 341932746

Today's miles: 25.20; Growing total: 757.13 canal july 8

Thursday 9th; Day 70; No ride - exam marking :-(

Friday 10th; Day 71; Tiny ride - exam marking
Today's miles: 1.00; Growing total: 758.13

Saturday 11th; Day 72; No ride - singing in Whitby ;-)

Sunday 12th; Day 73; Afternoon ride towards Leeds along towpath; sunny but blowy at times. Lots of cycling families, walkers & anglers. I checked my bike computer with the canal mileposts (see pic) and it was just 10 metres out, so I am not going to worry about that, given how imaginative my other measuring system, Strava can be; today is a good example - I appear to have begun the ride just across the stream on Post Hill!!

Today's miles: 12.30; Growing total: 770.43 (subject to correction when I find my bike computer, mislaid after the ride!)

Route (allegedly): 344578743

milepost: 123 miles to Liverpool

Monday 13th; Day 74; late afternoon ride up & down towpath; phone misbehaving, so pic of my route:

Today's miles: 11.50; Growing total: 781.93

Route: 345257774 - well, it's the first few miles;


Tuesday 14th; Day 75; Afternoon ride into Leeds, back along the towpath. Photo of Bramley Falls lock has a strange blue tinge - I wonder whether I've turned on some filter....

Today's miles: 13.92; Growing total: 795.85

Route: here

Bramley Falls lock

Wednesday 15th; Day 76; Evening ride: lovely summery weather, lots of people enjoying the quiet charm of the towpath. Was riding Strava-less, so am posting Googlemap of route; I know this will not convince Strava devotees who believe "If it isn't on Strava, it didn't happen" (and obvs., manual Strava entries are suspect - will link to mine when it's done ;-)

Today's miles: 11.06; Growing total: 806.91

Route: here

Thursday 16th; Day 77; No ride :-( Day in London; should have put on a pedometer & measured the art gallery miles my dear wife made me tread..... still at least there was no Rothko - see typical picture below.)

Today's miles: 0; Growing total: 806.91

Rothko pic

Friday 17th; Day 78; Rode into Leeds for a meeting, then had a non cycle related accident when I fell over at top of Parkinson steps, cut elbow, & bled lots, before & while riding home. (pic shows elbow after cleaning, stitching & bandaging by nice nurse in Ripley Hospital Minor Injuries unit)

Today's miles: 10.2; Growing total: 817.11; Miles left: 108.14

Poorly elbow!

Saturday 18th; Day 79; Away at conference; no ride :-(
Today's miles: 0; Growing total: 817.11; Miles left: 108.14

Sunday 19th; Day 80; Still away at conference; no ride :-(
Today's miles: 0; Growing total: 817.11; Miles left: 108.14

Monday 20th; Day 81; To Rodley, then on towpath westwards, past the Esholt water works. Phone working erratically, so no Strava [:-(] but there is a photo!! [;-)]. Pic of my bike.

Today's miles: 15.20; Growing total: 832.31; Miles left: 92.94


Tuesday 21st; Day 82; To Pudsey via Lowtown, then on through Caverley & Greengates, back along the canal. Pics of Pudsey war memorial.

Today's miles: 11.33; Growing total: 843.64; Miles left: 81.61

Pudsey war memorial 1 Pudsey war memorial 2

Wednesday 22nd; Day 83; Did four laps (Home > Lowtown > Wickes > Swinnow Lane > Home), with diversion on last lap to railway bridge near the Fire Station to make sure I rode 10 miles!

Today's miles: 10.06; Growing total: 853.70; Miles left: 71.55

Thursday 23nd; Day 84; down to ring road, along to Whitehall Road, then Armley Giratory (what a wonderful name for a roundabout!!) and back along canal towpath. Pic of duck & ducklings.

Today's miles: 12.64; Growing total: 866.34; Miles left: 58.91


Friday 24th; Day 85; into Leeds via Stanningley Road (coned down to one lane for work on cycle super highway), then to Leeds Market to get borrowed phone fixed so I can Strava the last few days of the challenge! Now don't say I'm not surfing the zeitgeist of popular culture - one of today's 2 pics is a selfie ;-)

Today's miles: 14.90; Growing total: 881.24; Miles left: 44.01

Route: here Canal view Selfie

Saturday 25th; Day 86; Two rides today! Morning: Nice sunny weather, did Rodley > Calverley > Greengates > back along towpath. Afternoon: Sunny but quite blowy; down to Kirkstall, along the towpath to Lodge Wood, then back home. Pics show Greengates War Memorial, and poppies growing in the flower beds there.

Today's miles: 22.10; Growing total: 903.34; Miles left: 21.91

Route: morning Route: evening greengates war mem poppies

Sunday 26th; Day 87; Another two ride day! Morning: (On my road bike) Nice sunny & calm weather, did an 'out & back' via Rodley then westwards along the towpath. Missed two photo opportunities: a heron - it flew off as I stopped, when it heard the crunch of foot on gravel; and a deer, swimming across the canal beyond Apperley Bridge. Perhaps Fr Christmas will bring me a helmet cam.... However, I did get a nice pic of some birds; they are not in a row because they are geese not ducks.... (no cliche left unturned;-)

Route: morning


Afternoon: (On my recumbent trike) Wet!! And I had been thinking earlier in the day that the weather has been pretty kind to me since May 1st! As usual when I ride the recumbent, it attacts attention!!
Pics show a view of inside the fairing - see, there's no engine, just legs -
the trike, displaying the 'Trikes not Trident' slogan
a selfie (don't worry, I wasn't riding along, just sitting)
and finally, the trike & me, back home.

Obviously, to quell the rumours about superhuman power outputs, I am making my data public; (click here for xls file); I think the overall average speed of 10.77 mph speaks for itself ;-)

Today's miles: 24.20; Growing total: 927.54; Miles left: None!!

Route: evening

Fairing trike Selfie home

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